I was born & raised in metro Detroit, Michigan. Growing up with a twin brother, competition has never been a foreign concept to me, particularly in the realm of sport. I have always had an obsession with the world around me which I think helped develop my eye for detail. I was lucky enough to have a family that encouraged me to draw & express my thoughts visually. Every person, place, or object I have ever interacted with has made me the person that I am today.

My love of sport & design has always had me intensely interested in the world of footwear. It was my goal to know what shoe each NBA player wore & I brought my newest Eastbay magazines around with me to school. I had never thought of Footwear Design as a possible profession until reading 'Driven From Within', a book written by Michael Jordan & Tinker Hatfield detailing the process of creating the first thirteen Jordan sneakers & containing photos of Tinker's design sketches. Experiencing that book changed my life.

As a Product Design student at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, I fell in love with what all of product design had to offer. At CCS, I was placed into an environment with like-minded creatives who were as passionate as I am. During my time as a student, I have always done my best to focus on details to connect my main design intents to create a new, unique, holistic design. I love having the opportunity to create something that thousands of people can interact with & hopefully develop an emotional connection to.

Interests -

- All things Star Wars (except Episode VIII)

- Google Maps

- Eating Potatoes (All Forms - mashed, grilled, baked, fries, hashbrowns, tots, cheesy)

- Formula 1

- Lego Tinkering

- Dalmatian Music

- Athletic Competition

- Coaching Basketball

- iPhone Photography

- Reciting Coach Carter Lines


Contact -